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Several records were broken during the OKD Miners' Festival in Karviná, 25 thousand people visited the festival

Several records were broken during the OKD Miners' Festival in Karviná, 25 thousand people visited the festival

KARVINÁ (September 1, 2012) – The OKD Miners' Festival in Karviná, which hosted Czech and Slovak music stars, an extraordinary carnival parade as well as an exhibition of mining machinery, despite the raw weather attracted the record number of 25 thousand visitors. Many other records were also broken – the highest number of bands performed at the festival, the St. Barbara Civic Association sold the highest number of charity cakes in favour of mining orphans and according to preliminary estimates the record high quantity of beer was drunk.

The Carnival Parade, in which the representatives of non-profit organisations supported by the OKD Foundation marched, was also a unique experience. Its main attraction was a seven-meter angel, the largest moving puppet in the Czech Republic. “Marching in the parade were not only professionals on floats, stilt walkers or giant puppets, but also 21 non-profit organisations as well about 200 participants from among the general public. Thus, despite the bad weather, the parade was even more colourful than last year,“ said Jiří Suchánek, the director of the OKD Foundation.

As a tradition, the Festival was opened by a religious service, later followed by nothing but merrymaking. At the main music stage by far the greatest success was achieved by Tomáš Klus, Richard Müller and Věra Špinarová, although the audience also applauded the miners' brass band or stilt acrobats. Many visitors found interesting the products of sheltered workshops supported by the OKD Foundation which presented themselves in the so called foundation town. Just like last year an extraordinary success story proved to be the exhibition of mining machinery – the company put on display selected parts of high-tech mining technologies in which the company invested more than 11 billion Czech crowns in the last four years. Thanks to this exhibition the miners could show their children and wives that they no more work with shovels and jackhammers, but rather with world class computer-controlled high-tech machines.

Also the charity event called Oslaďte život dětem (Sweeten the life of children), organised by the St. Barbara Civic Association, raised twice as much money compared to the last year. The raised funds cover the costs of education, leisure time activities and health care of mining orphans. Cakes and pies donated by people from all over the Karvina region, sold quickly. “The proceeds from the today's event constitute a mere fragment of our income, with the largest amounts being donated by the OKD company. In spite of that it was extremely nice of local inhabitants to donate so many pieces of cakes to the charity and of the others to buy them. We are grateful that thanks to the safety oriented efforts the number of injuries, and thus also the children we take care of, keeps dropping,“ stated Marta Szamaránská, the head of the committee of mothers.

On Saturday, just before the opening of the festival, there was a bump which was felt in some parts of Karviná. By visiting the festival the inhabitants of the town also expressed their respect to the new corporate social responsibility policy pursued by the OKD company. In recent years the company has invested a lot not only in new machinery, but also in safety measures and support of the region.

Vladislav Sobol,

Spokesman of OKD, a.s.