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Steel tower at Dukla Mine to be replaced by a memorial

Steel tower at Dukla Mine to be replaced by a memorial

HAVÍŘOV (16th April 2008) – OKD assisted by a specialized company has today knocked down one of the dominant features of the former Dukla Mine – a 56 m high steel hoist tower. Once all the buildings on the premises and in particular the main tower are demolished, the remaining buildings and lands will be used for new projects of RPG Real Estate Group that is preparing the regeneration of the entire site in cooperation with Havířov town. A memorial plate with shaft key data will be located at the place of the hoist tower.


The hoist tower was built above the premises of the then Dukla Mine during the period of its greatest glory between 1958 and 1961. After it was put into operations, the mine produced more than 1.5 million tons of coal a year; annual production exceeded two million tons in the 1970’s. The tower was originally used for transportation of coal, people and materials; a new skip hoist tower started to ensure coal transportation after 1983.


The intake air shaft under the tower was 987 m deep. It was equipped with two hoists transporting 147 miners at the speed of 10 m per second at once. The shaft has been already refilled and sealed with a special concrete cap.


From the original more than 70 buildings only ten shall remain including four listed buildings. These are an old mechanical shop from 1907, a lamp shop, a shearer shop and a compressor plant.


Before Dukla mine was idled, it provided jobs to almost 1,600 employees. Most of them (more than a thousand) have now been working at other mines and operations of OKD. Some people (116) were retired, some left the company and got compensation package of up to twelve times their average monthly pay (based on the years worked at the company).


From history: Dukla Mine was established in 1905. Originally, it bore the Emperor’s name – Kaiser Franz Joseph Schacht. The name was in 1918 changed to Suchá Shaft and since 1949 it bears the name of Dukla Mine. The first 20,000 tons of coal were mined out of this mine in 1911 from development works, the first longwall production is dated to 1912 when 46,400 tons were mined. One year later, the annual production doubled. More than 100 million tons of coal were mined out over the 100 years of Dukla’s existence. OKD Board of Directors approved the idling of Dukla Mine in the first months of 2006 due to low efficiency of production.


OKD at present: By the end of February, OKD employed approximately 15,200 people and further almost 1,500 employees in its subsidiaries. Hard coal is mined at Karviná Mine at their sites Lazy and ČSA on the borders between Karviná and Orlová as well as at ČSM Mine and Darkov Mine in Karviná District and at Paskov Mine in Frýdek-Místek District. The average salary in OKD in 2007 equalled CZK 29,135. The company has prepared mine plans for all its mines for the period of at least 20 years; operations efficiency and safety will be enhanced by extraordinary investment into new equipment.


OKD is held by the Dutch company New World Resources B. V.