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Students went down the shaft to Paskov Mine’s training gallery in Staříč

PASKOV (9 November 2010) – OKD continues to support the mining apprenticeships at the Secondary School of Technologies and Services in Karviná. In the first and second years, 74 apprentices are preparing for their future jobs of mining electricians and fitters. On Friday, 5 November the first-year students went down the shaft for the first time to visit the training gallery of Paskov Mine in Staříč and to acquaint themselves with the mining working and its atmosphere.


“Even though we were just a few metres underground, they started all the machines there for us to see their run. I look forward to seeing the state-of-the-art equipment in operation in the mine. It is even more interesting than I expected. Before our guide provided us with his explanation, I did not understand at all how such machines can get underground,”  says Tomáš Siuda, a mining fitter apprentice. Within its human resources policy, OKD decided to return to its policy of supports for mining apprenticeships in 2009.  “We have prepared a comprehensive concept of work with mining apprentices. There is a considerable interest in miner jobs now. At present, we support a total of 74 students in the first and second years of their study. Apart from the monthly scholarship of CZK 1,000, we also provide them with summer jobs and other opportunities in case they are interested. And especially, after they finish their study, they can take up employment with OKD – a stable company providing good salaries and prospects,” says Libor Dürrer, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, OKD.

For the time being, the students participate in their practical training in the surface work areas of OKD mines, and in the third year, they should spend one day per week in the Paskov training gallery, where qualified personnel will train them. ”They will be acquainted with the mine work environment, which is perfectly imitated in the training gallery,”  adds Dürrer. In the training gallery with a mine road length of more than 200 metres, there are two working faces, mucking gallery, switchgear and mining plough equipment at a height of 120 centimetres and length of 20 metres. Since the training gallery was put into operation in the mid-1980s, it has been mainly used to train new miners and mine rescuers, and it is also accessible to the general public.


This year the Secondary School of Technologies and Services in Karviná celebrates the 60th anniversary of its existence. It has been closely associated with the mining education for forty years. The re-opening of mining apprenticeships with systematic supports provided by OKD is based on this tradition, and the school is a single institution in the Czech Republic that offers classical mining apprenticeships in the full-time form of study.

 “I recommend the study to all boys who are interested in modern machines and who want to enjoy practical training within a super party. Looking to the future is the most important thing we can do. It is possible to see sure jobs in the modern company with state-of-the-art equipment and good salaries,” Siuda attracts other study candidates and describes the reasons for his decision.



Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.



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