Press releases

The company OKD increased the output by 15.5% in January in comparison with the last year

OSTRAVA 11th February – The company OKD recorded a good start in 2008. In January, the output of 1,236 million tons was achieved in five coalmines, i.e. by 15.5 % more in comparison with the last year. “The original plan was estimated about 1,1 million tons. Behind the success, we can see favourable geological conditions and primarily the effort of all miners and other personnel on the surface," said the Leo Bayer, the senior manager of OKD.


Moreover, the three coalmines recorded excellent results, for example, the output 285,000 tons was achieved at the ČSM Colliery, which is the greatest output in the history of this colliery. With 420,000 tons of coal the output at the Darkov Colliery exceeded the plan by almost one fifth. The greatest monthly output exceeding 327 thousand tons was achieved in the history”, said the senior manager.


In this year, the company OKD plans to start the extensive modernization of mining machinery to improve the work efficiency and safety of miners. Investments within the POP 2010 Project (Production Optimising Project) are estimated to exceed 8 billion Czech Crowns.


By the end of 2007, the company employed 15,220 workers and their average monthly wage achieved almost 29,000 Czech Crowns. The owner of the company OKD is the holding company New World Resources B.V. from the Netherlands.