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The Golden Semicolon contest: OKD has the best corporate periodical in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE / OSTRAVA (19 May 2011) – Horník, the corporate weekly of OKD, the mining company in Ostrava, ranked first in the nation-wide contest called The Golden Semicolon. The newsletter published for miners by R MEDIA company in the circulation of 28.000 copies won the Best Corporate Periodical category. Horník has beaten off the fierce competition of e.g. Plzensky Prazdroj, Škoda Auto or E.ON company periodicals. The experts consider the Golden Semicolon opinion poll to be the most prestigious recognition of corporate press and websites in the Czech Republic.



Horník weekly is read not only by OKD employees and their families, it is also popular among the retired miners and former company employees. Every week its twelve full colour A3 size pages present corporate news, news from the region and non-profit organisations supported by OKD Foundation, and also attached is a four-page entertaining insert Po šichtě (After the shift).


“The OKD company has in recent years undergone major changes. Thanks to the investments in high tech the mining is as a matter of fact computer controlled, the injury rate substantially decreased, recreational zones are built on the undermined territories and through the OKD Foundation support is given to publicly beneficial projects implemented in the region. At the same time, of course, we address a lot of issues. Horník weekly openly presents information on all that and that is why it is so popular,“ explained Petra Mašínová, the Chairperson of Horník weekly Editorial Board and Chief Public Relations and Communication Officer.


Horník weekly has also changed and not only as to its graphic design. A whole page, for example, is dedicated to the corporate OKD Foundation used by the editors to tell the employees stories from the supported non-profit organisations which take care for example of children, senior citizens, ill persons or the environment. Another page gives detailed news associated with life of a specific mine. Changes were also made in the layout of the Polish language page intended for Polish miners working in OKD mines.


“We should express thanks mainly to editors who spend most of their working days in mine shafts, either in the offices with managers or deep under the ground with miners,“ said David Švábenický, the R MEDIA company director. It is the company that has been publishing Horník weekly since the beginning of 2009, when it submitted the best bid and offered the highest quality in the tender which has been proven by the current result of the Golden Semicolon contest.




Vladislav Sobol, OKD spokesman


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