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The Lipiny Golf Resort has won the nationwide opinion poll of “Golf Course of the Year 2012”

The Lipiny Golf Resort has won the nationwide opinion poll of “Golf Course of the Year 2012”

Ostrava (December 21, 2012)The Lipiny Golf Resort, which was built by OKD on reclaimed lands between two mines, won an unexpected award at the end of 2012. In the nationwide golfer opinion poll of “Golf Course of the Year 2012”, the Lipiny Golf Resort ranked first. 3,563 experienced golfers participated in the nationwide golfer opinion poll. “We are really pleased to win the category where the golfers voted. It is quite an extraordinary appreciation of all people who designed and built the golf resort, as well as an appreciation of those who have participated in the resort operation this year. At the same time, the award has encouraged us all,” said Michal Kuča, Club President.


In particular, the award is surprising due to the fact that the golf resort was opened just this spring. It was built on reclaimed lands affected by coal mining, where visible effects of the mining activities could be seen until recently. The golf resort includes two nine-hole golf courses: the Master Golf Course and the Public Golf Course have become popular with professional golfers and pure amateurs respectively. “Thanks to the friendly conditions and prices, golf can really be practised by everyone on the Public Golf Course. Interest of Karviná people who have never played golf exceeded our expectations,” added Kuča.


“The golf course is one of the alternative options of the use of areas affected by coal mining. We expect that after land reclamation is carried out in the future, some other undermined areas will also change into further sport and recreation zones. Thanks to the land reclamation projects implemented by OKD, the previously unused sites gradually begin to serve the people,” said Radim Tabášek, Chief Strategy Mine Development Officer, OKD.


Land reclamation work started to be performed in Lipiny in 1998, and there were a lot of discussions on the land use. According to the original plan, the land reclamation was to result in establishing an arable land there, and later on, forestation was discussed, and in the end, the Municipal Board of Representatives selected the Project anticipating a rugged terrain model to be used for golf or motocross purposes. The final decision to build a golf resort there was made in 2007. The Lipiny Golf Resort is an example of the mining company cooperation with the mining city – the golf course itself, located in a unique environment in sight of the mine shaft towers, was built by OKD. In the neighbouring areas, the City of Karviná plans to build inline skating and cycling trails, which will connect the Lipiny Golf Resort area with the Darkov Sea complex. Southwest of the City, a large area will be thus established for recreation and leisure time activities.


In the new golf resort, a few non-traditional projects and events have already taken place: for example the Golf Academy of the OKD Foundation, where 105 pupils of Karviná elementary schools measured their golf talent.


Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.


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