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The Miners´ Festival in Karviná to Feature Müller, Klus, Buty, Rytmus and Charlie Straight. OKD Foundation Prepares the Largest Carnival Parade in the Czech Republic

The Miners´ Festival in Karviná to Feature Müller, Klus, Buty, Rytmus and Charlie Straight. OKD Foundation Prepares the Largest Carnival Parade in the Czech Republic

KARVINÁ (August 11, 2012) – Czech and Slovak music aces, a surprise from Britain, a circus programme for children, miners' traditions, giant mining machines and, as a bonus, an attempt to hold the largest carnival parade in the Czech Republic. Moreover, an attractive exhibition by mining rescue workers and a charity cake sale for mining orphans. All this and much more is to be offered at this year's OKD Miners´ Festival programme that the company prepared for its employees and friends of the mining profession on September 1, i.e. for the first Saturday in September.


In the music part of the programme, all generations will certainly find their favourites. On three stages, 17 singers or bands will take turn, namely Richard Müller and Tomáš Klus who, according to an opinion poll on the website is the most awaited star of the festival. There is no doubt that the Karviná audience is also looking forward to Buty which has recently released a new album called Duperele, or the young men from the nearby metallurgical town of Třinec, the Charlie Straight band. Teenagers will most probably appreciate the participation of the trio of from the Voice of CzechoSlovakia – the jury members Dara Rolins with Rytmus and the Karviná representative in the competition, the nineteen year old Martin Hrabal. Longer-lived spectators will certainly not fail to attend the performances of the “Mistřiňanka“ brass band or the Karviná miners´ brass band, “Malá černá hudba“.


The concert of Guns 2 Roses, a British heavy metal band that is one of most acclaimed revivals of the famous Guns N'Roses, will be the icing on the cake. “According to British music critics, the atmosphere at their concerts nears that of the legendary Roses, so there is something to look forward to,“ said the OKD spokesman, Vladislav Sobol.


After the last year's extraordinary success, the organizers also plan the second year of the OKD Foundation Carnival Parade. This year, in addition to non-profit organizations, also families or informal groups of friends can take part in it; an original mask is all that is required. “Last year already, the parade was the largest event of its kind across the country, so this year, we will try to repeat or even beat this record. The event will be overseen by a seven-meter angel, the largest moving puppet in the Czech Republic,“ said the director of the OKD Foundation, Jiří Suchánek.


As a tradition, there will also be an attractive program for children, this year in a circus spirit. Under the guidance of artists from “Cirkus trochu jinak“ (The circus shown differently), boys and girls can learn to walk a tightrope, juggle or ride a unicycle. In the meantime, their parents can visit the stands where sheltered workshop and other organizations supported by the OKD Foundation will present themselves.


During the event, the miners will also remember their colleagues who died in the performance of their mining profession. First, during a religious service in the Church of St. Mark and then by a public collection in favour of the Civic Association of St. Barbora which looks after these children thanks to the support of the OKD Foundation. “To bake a cake and bring it is all that needs to be done; volunteers will take care of the rest,“ said Mr. Sobol. He added that the charity event is open to all visitors to the festival, either by baking or by purchasing the sweet treat.


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Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman of OKD, a.s.