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The number of accidents in OKD last year dropped by almost a quarter, the company drew the special prize winner of a safety competition for employees

The number of accidents in OKD last year dropped by almost a quarter, the company drew the special prize winner of a safety competition for employees

Ostrava (20 January 2010) – The investments in the work safety of miners pay off. Last year the number of injuries in OKD decreased by 22 percent year-on-year and the accident rate by almost 24 percent. The safety of work under the ground has been recently substantially improved thanks to billions worth of investments in new mining technologies as well as a full replacement of  personal protective and technical equipment of miners. Simultaneously with the modernisation, the company has taken multiple preventive and incentive measures that culminated today in the draw of the winners of a car and trips abroad in the competition among those workers who had no accident at work last year. Petr Klečatský, an electrical fitter from ČSM Mine, became the lucky winner of a Škoda Fabia car.


“We realise that positive motivation of employees is the key factor for enhancing safety in our workplaces. The responsibility is born by each individual worker. Everyone must know that when working under the ground they are responsible for their health as well as the health of their co-workers. The safety and standard of the work environment are definitely the top priority on the OKD agenda. Tons of excavated coal or favourable operating results can under no circumstances compensate for the health of our employees,“ said Leo Bayer, the Chief Operating Officer of OKD.

Included in the draw were all the employees who had no accident at work registered in the period from 1 April to 31 December 2010. The main prize within the whole company was a Škoda Fabia car. Additional attractive prizes were awarded to each mine in the draw, e.g. a trip for two persons in the value of CZK 50,000.


Last year the number of accidents in OKD dropped by 22 percent from 346 in 2009 to 271 in 2010. The accident rate* declined from 11.29 to 8.61 in 2010, by which OKD company went far beyond the objective set for 2010. All the data covers also the supplying companies' employees.

The PERSPective 2015 corporate programme, that apart from other things, also lays down the efforts to involve all the employees in the process of ongoing improvement of occupational health and safety standards, sets the target accident rate for 2015 at 5. OKD company is determined to implement all the measures in order to accomplish this objective.


“Last year the key safety indicators reveal that the measures implemented make sense and are properly targeted, indeed. Following the major investments we shall continue to monitor the potential risks so as to eliminate them by ever more effective measures adopted in the field of occupational health and safety,“

concluded Bayer.



What influenced the occupational safety in OKD in 2010:

  • Completion of modernisation of mining technologies (since 2008 the total investment has amounted to CZK 9 billion).
  • Full replacement of protective and technical equipment of miners in the amount of more than CZK 0.5 billion as the largest current investment in this field among all the companies in the Czech Republic (work boots, mining trousers, protective devices for escape, personal lamps, shirts and T-shirts with reflective stripes, dangerous gas detectors etc).
  • Safety at work competition in which the employees with no accident at work are included in the draw with the main prize being a car.
  • Safe Workplace competition in which the best teams are awarded thousands of Czech crowns.



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