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The OKD Foundation Will Mainly Support the Region, OKD Will Provide CZK 73 Million in Funding

The OKD Foundation Will Mainly Support the Region, OKD Will Provide CZK 73 Million in Funding

Ostrava (March 4th, 2008) – The new OKD Foundation, established earlier this year by the joint-stock company OKD, will provide long-term support mainly to the best and most needed project in the Moravian-Silesian Region. As its founder, OKD will allocate CZK 73 million to the foundation this year, but there will be other sponsors as well, including NWR, RPG RE and OKD Doprava. The foundation will sponsor mainly health care and social project, regional and environmental development and programmes in support of education, culture and social life. The foundation’s “niche specialty” will consist in supporting non-profit organizations looking for subsidies from the European Union.


The idea of the OKD Foundation was suggested last year by Zdeněk Bakala, a representative of the owners. “OKD’s business and activities affect almost all people living in the region. In practically every family, there is someone who has worked, is working or will work for OKD. OKD is the biggest company in the region, and one of the biggest enterprises in the country, which of course involves a great deal of responsibility. As OKD’s owners, we are not indifferent to how the region looks like and how it feels to live and work here,” explained Deputy Chairman of the Board Zdeněk Bakala.


 “The foundation will thus receive CZK 73 million this year;” explained Klaus-Dieter Beck, Chairman of the Board and CEO of OKD. The OKD Foundation will also be sponsored by other donors belonging to the financial group – RPG Real Estate will contribute CZK 2 million, the other sponsors will be OKD Doprava and especially the parent company NWR.


In terms of the funds it is going to distribute, the foundation will rank among the leading players in the Czech Republic, with most of the funds (about 80 percent) earmarked for projects implemented in North Moravia. “We intend to support the best and unique projects. Naturally, we will not forget those who need our help most – i.e. seniors, ill fellow-citizens and children,” explained Petra Mašínová, Chairwoman of the Board of the foundation.


In addition to the foundation, OKD will also continue to implement its sponsorship programme, which focuses, inter alia, on supporting sports and leisure activities and major cultural events in the region.


The OKD Foundation will make details on the different programmes and additional information for applicants available on its website,





Principal Programmes of the OKD Foundation

  • support of health care and social projects,
  • support of regional and environmental development,
  • support of education, culture and social life,
  • support of projects seeking subsidies from the European Union.


Statutory Bodies of the OKD Foundation


The Administratory Body


Petra Mašínová

Deputy Chairman:              

Zdeněk Bakala


Miroslava Trgiňová

Drahomíra Tošenovská

Jaroslav Čánek

Stanislav Svoboda

Jaroslav Nový


Supervisory Board


Evžen Kočenda


Petr Hájek

František Orság


OKD Foundation Executive Director:            

Blanka Týřová


Additional Information

  • The establishment of the foundation is a logical outcome of all sponsorship- and donorship-related activities of the company. For example, OKD provided more than CZK 35 million for these activities in 2007.
  • Most of the funds allocated to the OKD Foundation will be used to support projects, some of the funds (at least 30 percent) will be used to increase the foundation’s capital, while necessary administrative costs (up to 15 percent of the foundation’s capital) will account for the rest.
  • The foundation has even now some partners that have helped found it, e.g. Ogilvy CID, which designed the foundation’s logo and created its visual style, or Bison&Rose, which has been providing communication consultancy services to the foundation.



Support of Existing Regional Projects

  • OKD’s well-known activity is its support of the Svatá Barbora civic association, which helps orphans of miners, and of the Landek Foundation.
  • We have also been supporting, for quite some time, the “Chamomile” halfway house in Karviná, a facility where young people who have left children’s homes prepare to live an independent life.
  • OKD is the general partner of the successful handball club HC Baník OKD Karviná, which successfully defended the Czech Champion’s title in 2007.
  • The company has been renting its buildings to the private Miners’ Hospital in Karviná, and been investing into their renovation.
  • The most important cultural projects sponsored or supported by OKD include the “Colours of Ostrava” International Musical Festival, “Ostrava Days” festival of contemporary classical music, or OKD’s partnership in the “People of Ostrava to All” photographic book project.