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The school in Karvina is going to offer miners evening study programmes with the school-leaving (maturita) examination

The school in Karvina is going to offer miners evening study programmes with the school-leaving (maturita) examination

Karvina (24 January 2012) – The picture of a miner with a pickaxe and a shovel belongs to the past. The OKD company, which in recent years has purchased high tech mining technology and needs educated workers for its mines, plans to launch at the beginning of the next
school year evening study programmes with the school leaving (maturita) examination, namely in cooperation with the Secondary School of Technology and Services in Karvina. These study programmes are open to new graduates from vocational mining schools as well as OKD employees who wish to improve their qualification.

“It will be a three-year evening study programme at the end of which the students sit for the school leaving (maturita) examination. Its graduates will qualify for middle management positions or positions of technical experts at mines,“ said Ladislav Kovac the assistant principal for classroom instruction of the Secondary School of Technology and Services. The school leaving examination will consist in
examinations in subjects prescribed by the state, namely the Czech language, mathematics and a foreign language. These will be supplemented by the practical and theoretical technical examination.

“It is a great opportunity for all those who started to work at a mine immediately after their graduation from a vocational school, who gained experience and now want to use their experience for their career growth. This opportunity can also be exploited by new graduates from vocational schools who wish to devote their lives to mining,“ declared Radim Tabasek, the Chief  HR and Mining District Development Officer of OKD.

The school leaving examination for the graduates from mining vocational schools means future job security since their experience and knowledge will be highly appreciated in mining industry. “We are glad that our cooperation with the OKD company has been such a success. We are also delighted that we will train people for the performance of their jobs and not for labour offices, that we will be able to help these
people in their career growth and to accomplish their ambitions and goals,“ added Kovac.

The OKD company commenced the cooperation with the school in Karvina in 2009 already, when the first two vocational training programmes in mining were launched after a gap of almost twenty years, with the first graduates entering the market this year. Since
last September there has been yet another vocational school in Havirov which now also trains students for their future careers in mining.


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