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The season does not end in the Lipiny Golf Resort, and golf will also be played there in winter

The season does not end in the Lipiny Golf Resort, and golf will also be played there in winter

Ostrava (December 4, 2012) – The first season of the Karviná-Lipiny Golf Resort is far from over. Since the beginning of December, the visitors can use the heated cubicles in the driving range or play on the so-called winter holes of the Master Golf Course.


Whereas the winter holes will be in operation only in the event that there is no snow on the golf course, the driving range will be in service in any weather. “For an extra charge on the teeing ground, visitors can rent one of eight cubicles secured by us against wind and equipped with space heaters and halogen lighting. Of course, hardy people can also use the unheated golf cubicles,” said Pavel Malina, Golf Resort caretaker.


The golf course was built in the Karviná area, formerly affected by the hard coal mining, within the land reclamation projects implemented by OKD. According to the original plan, the land reclamation process should have resulted in establishing an arable land, and later on, forestation was discussed, and in the end, the Municipal Board of Representatives selected the Project anticipating a rugged terrain model to be used for golf or motocross purposes. The final decision to build a golf resort there was made in 2007. The Lipiny Golf Resort is an example of the mining company cooperation with the mining city – the golf course itself, located in a unique environment in sight of the mine shaft towers, was built by OKD. In the neighbouring areas, the City of Karviná plans to build inline skating and cycling trails, which will connect the Lipiny Golf Resort area with the Darkov Sea complex. Southwest of the City, a large area will be thus established for recreation and leisure time activities.


Vladislav Sobol

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