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This year the Mining Celebrations in Karviná offers a lot of attractions also for children…

This year the Mining Celebrations in Karviná offers a lot of attractions also for children…

KARVINÁ (September 7, 2015) – A varied program is prepared at the OKD Mining Festival on September 12, 2015 not only for adult visitors but also for children. Within this event that OKD traditionally prepares with the cooperation of the OKD Foundation and partners in Božena Němcová park in Karviná, lots of different attractions will be prepared particularly for this age group right across the main stage.


„By means of the Mining Celebrations we want to thank our employees and their families for their work throughout the year. Therefore we decided to prepare the program for all age groups including children and of course we will also invite general public from the neighboring mining communitis so that they can celebrate the mining day with us,“ says OKD HR Director Jan Jurášek.


Non-profit organizations with the cooperation of the OKD Foundation will for example prepare the particular sites on the contest trail through the „foundation town“, where children will perform simple and entertaining tasks and get small gifts. On the premises they can also ride ponies, visit a laser shooting range or inflatable castle for jumping and compete for interesting prizes for drawing the nicest picture from the mining environment. Like last year they can have their faces painted. Voluntary firefighters and rescue workers from the Main Rescue Station in Ostrava-Radvanice also prepared a special program for children with technology show and contests. Performance of A Slightly Different Circus will be certainly a „big bubble attraction“ for children as well as for adults.


Sports activities prepared for festival visitors will include table-soccer or table-hockey. Little keen sportsmen will be also able to try the basics of rugby, karate or table-tennis. Soccer players from MFK OKD Karviná will also prepare a special training unit for those interested. The oldest juniors and young representatives led by Ondřej Lingr will be present. He took part, among other things, in the European Championship in Bulgaria in May, and only a few days ago he was successful in the Václav Ježek Memorial attended by great players, which he mastered together with his team-mates. Beside Lingr, also a goalie Jiří Ciupa will visit and also a halfback Martin Berešík. „I look forward to the moment people see us. Why, we play soccer for them. They can get to know us better“, looks forward Ciupa. And what program did they prepare? Trial training containing juggling, exact shooting, and soccer show led by an experienced coach who takes care of the youngest members in the club, Michael Klos. From 15:30 the soccer players will give signatures.


We are reminding you that at the same time with the festival in Karviná, OKD a.s. is also organizing a special program in Staříč.


OKD 3 (former Paskov Mine) will start the mining celebrations a day earlier – on Friday, September 11, with a pieta act commemorating those who lost their lives while performing mining work. Flowers will be laid by the memorial plaques in Staříč and Chlebovice locations. At noon the plant management will honor selected employees. The festival day will start at the soccer field in Staříč on Saturday, September 12 at 2:30 p.m. with a performance of the Argema band. Also Roman Vojtek will be present and the Traktor band. This year there will be three revival bands as the top of the program – Scorpions Revival, Kabát Revival and AC/DC Revival.

In the following days a series of sports events will be prepared for mine employees, for example netball, tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, badminton or bowling.

„We must not forget traditions because they are extremely important to mining and help to keep in mind the roots of this beautiful but tough and hard work,“ adds the mine director Zbigniew Janowski.


Ivo Čelechovský,

Spokesman of OKD, a.s.


Mobile:602 641 855


11:00 – pieta act, laying wreaths at the University Square in Karviná
11:30 – parade of miners in uniforms and mining band to St. Marcus Church
12:00 – Mass for miners who lost their lives at the St. Marcus Church


OKD Stage – Božena Němcová Park (Karviná-Fryštát)

14:00 – 14:45 Elis
15:15 – 16:15 Nebe
16:40 – 18:00 Ahard, Tanja &Ahard
18:30 – 20:00 Vaťák (Kabát Revival)
20:45 – 22:45 Tři sestry (Three Sisters)


OKD Foundation Stage – amphitheater

- cheerleaders
- Ostravica
- Permoník
- dancing
- circus
- Workout Karviná – exercise


14:30 – Argema
15:45 – Roman Vojtek
16:50 – Traktor
18:15 – Scorpions Revival
19:45 – Kabát Revival
21:00 – AC/DC Revival