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TOP Philanthropist 2010: OKD – Second Most Generous Donor

Prague/Ostrava (12 November 2010) – OKD, the mining company, was ranked second in the prestigious competition titled “TOP Philanthropist 2010”, which awards companies as per the fund volume provided for publicly beneficial purposes. At the same time, OKD is also a single company from the Moravian-Silesian Region (and also from the whole Moravia) that ranks among the published ten largest donors. The miners send money to the OKD Foundation, which supports social and medical services, education, culture and environmental care thanks to such money. Approximately 80 per cent of the funds remain in Northern Moravia.


“It is a significant appreciation of the activities upon which our company lays great emphasis and which were adopted by the Company as an integral part of its corporate culture. The OKD business and other activities reach into the life of the Region’s population. Practically in each family, there is someone who has worked, works or will work with OKD. OKD is the largest company in Northern Moravia and one of the largest companies in the country, which entails considerable responsibility. We are not indifferent to how our Region looks or how people live and work here,” said Petra Mašínová, Chief PR and Communication Officer, OKD and Chairwoman of the Managing Board, OKD Foundation.


In spite of the global economic recession, which has also affected the heavy industry, OKD donated CZK 134 million to publicly beneficial projects in 2009. OKD implements the publicly beneficial projects primarily through the OKD Foundation, established in 2008, to which the mining company transfers 1 % of its gross profit every year. Thanks to that, the company also reached the medal places in the rankings that evaluate corporate donations upon comparison with revenues and profit.


“However, primarily those who have engaged themselves in the activities to improve the life of people living in their neighbourhood and help people in need deserve the award. Whether it be a non-profit-making organization or our staff. This year our employees have repeatedly shown that they are able to help people in difficult life situations, when help is really needed. Therefore, they deserve our recognition and respect,” added Mašínová.


The TOP Philanthropist is the only ranking in the Czech Republic which monitors, in detail under the auspices of the Donors Forum, the corporate social responsibility and recognizes the donors who consider the socially responsible activities as an integral part of their corporate culture.


The TOP Philanthropist 2010 ranking as per the total amount of granted funds was as follows:

1. ČEZ                                      CZK 374.5 mil.

2. OKD                                     CZK 134    mil.

3. Česká spořitelna                  CZK   53.1 mil.

4. Česká pojišťovna                 CZK   46.4 mil.

5. ČEPS                                    CZK   31.7 mil.

6. Johnson & Johnson             CZK   30.7 mil.

7. Telefónica O2                      CZK   29.8 mil.

8. ČSOB                                   CZK   29.7 mil.

9. Nestlé Česko                        CZK  17.4 mil.

10. Vodafone                           CZK  17    mil.




Vladislav Sobol, Spokesman, OKD, a.s.



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