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Tragedy in the Karviná mine

OSTRAVA (11 September 2009) – Last night an underground tremor took place in the ČSA Karviná mine during which a Polish miner was fatally injured. Another three employees suffered injuries.


The geo-mechanical event took place on Thursday 10 September at 9:30pm in the area of face 14068. According to seismic measurements the mountain tremor was approximately 1,6 x 106 J.


"We have all been affected by the report of the death of our Polish colleague," says Klaus-Dieter Beck, managing director and chairman of the Board of Directors at OKD. "We continue to do all that we can to ensure that safety in our mining operations is increased, but dealing with certain natural phenomena is not within human power. On my own and the company’s behalf I would like to express my sincerest sympathies with family and friends of our dead colleague," added Beck.


The precise causes of this extraordinary event are being looked into by the investigation commission of the Regional Mining Authority in Ostrava, the Czech Police Force and OKD, including trade union representatives. 


Ing. Zuzana Koláriková

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