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Transformation of OKD continues with management changes and streamlining

Transformation of OKD continues with management changes and streamlining

Ostrava (28 August 2013) – Several changes in the company’s top management were introduced in connection to the overall transformation of OKD (including a new organizational structure, relocation of the head office from downtown Ostrava to Darkov Mine and establishment of one centralized management for all mines). The target is to make the management more efficient and streamlined and to make OKD a leaner entity that would be able to face the unfavourable situation on global coal markets and to ensure its future stability.


Pavel Hadrava (50), currently the General Manager of Karviná Mine, takes over the Chief Operations Officer function from Leo Bayer. His entire professional life is linked to mining as he joined OKD after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VŠB-TU Ostrava in 1987.


Petr Jonák (33) has become the Chief External Relations Officer and Director on the OKD Board. At the same time, he is managing external relations and communication at OKD’s mother company New World Resources. In the past three years, he worked in various management functions in the BXR Group. He graduated from VŠE in Prague.

Jan Jurášek (57) will serve as OKD’s Chief HR Officer. Until now, he has been the HR/Finance Manager of Darkov Mine where he has been working in various functions since 1983. He graduated from VUT in Brno.


Pavel Hadrava will be substituted in the function of General Manager of Karviná Mine by his current Planning/Engineering Manager Petr Dedek (49). He has joined OKD in 1986 after graduating from the Faculty of Mining and Geology at VŠB-TU Ostrava.

Václav Kabourek (53), currently the General Manager of Darkov Mine, will be the new General Manager of Preparation Plants. Vladislav Szmek (53) was transferred to the function of the General Manager Darkov Mine from his current General Manager’s position at Paskov Mine.


Marek Síbrt (32) has become the new Spokesperson of OKD. He has been working for the company for three years as PR Advisor and Project Manager. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Ostrava University in Ostrava.



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