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TUR Ostrava 2008 Festival launches new OKD environmental activities

TUR Ostrava 2008 Festival launches new OKD environmental activities

OSTRAVA (10th April 2008) – TUR Ostrava 2008, a movie festival on sustainable development partnered also by OKD, shall launch the unofficial start-up of OKD’s new activities on the field of ecology and environment protection. The company spends hundreds of millions of Czech crowns every year on reclamation works and restoration of the environment; this amount shall be increased from this year on by further funds from the program “For future” of the newly established OKD Foundation.


To the contrary of financial funds on reclamation, the Foundation funds will not be used by OKD itself but should be consumed by individual non-profit organizations or municipalities who will prepare interesting projects for their region. “Besides any project focusing on the improvement of environment quality, we want to support also the environment-friendly ways of life and other forms of public promotion of the principles of sustainability,” specified Petra Mašínová, OKD Foundation Chairwoman of the Board of Directors.


OKD Foundation intends to participate on active preservation and restoration of significant cultural, natural and industrial monuments included in the region’s wealth. This support shall be targeted not only on the enhancement of public awareness but also on the facilitation of funds provided for renovation and maintenance of these exceptional historical treasures from other sources.


Further information on OKD Foundation is available at the Foundation web page at