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OKD employees will get higher vacation bonus


OSTRAVA (June 3, 2010) – Miners, but also almost all other OKD employees will get higher vacation bonuses than granted by the Collective Agreement. They will get a bonus of five average daily pays together with their May paycheck. Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD CEO and Chairman of the Board, has decided after negotiations with trade unions on the bonus pay-out due to the improved Q1 financial results of the company. This is the first step to compensate for the substantial pay cuts affecting everybody in 2009 due to the crisis…

OKD donates 1.5 million CZK to help flood victims in the Karviná district


OSTRAVA (May 26, 2010) – The mining company OKD donates 1.5 million CZK to help the Karviná district flood victims. This amount will be distributed among municipalities affected by the flood flow; owners of flooded houses located directly in mining areas shall get twenty thousand Czech crowns each…

Golden Semicolon: OKD Ranked Second with its Horník corporate newspaper


PRAHA / OSTRAVA (May 7, 2010) – Horník, the corporate weekly of the OKD mining company, ranked second in the nationwide contest of the “Golden Semicolon“. The bulletin that is published for the miners with a circulation of 28,000 by R MEDIA won the award in the Best Corporate Newspaper category. Plzeňský Prazdroj ranked first and Škoda Auto's newspaper ranked third. The “Golden Semicolon“ contest is considered by experts to be the most prestigious Award for printed corporate matters and Internet websites in the Czech Republic. On Thursday evening, the Award was received in the Archa Theatre in Prague by the Chairman of the Executive Editorial Board of the Horník weekly, Vladislav Sobol and the Executive Officer of R MEDIA, David Švábenický…

With the Support of OKD, the Karviná Handball Team Has Champions of the Extra-League and the Best System of Youth Care


Ostrava (May 6, 2010) – The Karviná handball team, which can now pride itself on another title, won in the men's extra-league, won its place in the sun namely thanks to an elaborate system of work with the younger generations. Student, junior and youth teams of HCB OKD Karviná are on the top of the national championships and are a natural source of players of the national team. Care of the talents in Karviná brings success also thanks to the systematic support of the general sponsor, the OKD mining company…

Miners have prepared competitive travel through places of interest in Northern Moravia


Ostrava (6 May 2010) – Together with the OKD Foundation and other partners, OKD, the mining company has prepared an original project to take people to the places associated with mining or improved thanks to the non-profit-making organizations, supported by the OKD Foundation. The list of travel destinations includes for example the Mining Museum, natural trail passing by the Ema Slag-Heap and the Paskov Mine training mine gallery, as well as…