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OKD Educates Miners Through Interactive Boards


STONAVA (9 February 2010) – The OKD Central Training Centre, where the company started to train miners and other employees, means literally a revolution in the mining company’s training system. Whereas not long ago, training courses were held on the premises of the individual mines or external trainers, and the main teaching materials were films recorded on video-tapes, OKD currently trains its employees in the new Central Training Centre on the Darkov Mine premises, which is equipped with interactive boards and computer terminals…

Last year, the number of mining injuries decreased by 17 per cent


Ostrava (28 January 2010) – The OKD keynote of “Safety First” and the investments in new mining technologies and personal protective equipment at billions of Czech crowns are bearing fruit. In 2009, the number of registered injuries of OKD and contractor personnel decreased by 17 per cent from the previous year…

Collective Agreement signed in OKD


Ostrava (January 22, 2010) – Representatives of the OKD management have signed a collective agreement with the trade unions for the years 2010 – 2012 today. Regarding the wage issue, it was agreed, among other things, to retain the last year’s standard wage rate for 2010; moreover the company will pay out to its employees a total of 22 average daily earnings as vacation and Christmas bonuses…

Miners accompanied by Brass Band to First Shifts

Miners accompanied by Brass Band to First Shifts


Karviná/Staříč (4 January 2010) – The OKD employees who were going down the Karviná, Darkov and Paskov Mines before 6:00 a.m. on Monday were warmed up by brassy music in coming to this first shift of this year. At the mine gates, the miner’s bands started to play brassy marches, “Stakhanovite” melodies and old miner’s songs…

OKD has completed the reclamation of “Darkov Sea”


Prague/Ostrava (November 18, 2009) – In the past days, OKD completed the technical reclamation of one of the largest areas affected by mining – so-called Darkov Sea. It will be followed by a five-year biological reclamation, during which the whole area should turn even greener. “The successful reclamation of the Darkov Sea confirms our goal aimed at returning the country after mining to people. With its size and other parameters, this area is exceptional and most visible, and at the same time, we are also working on tens of other projects to improve the living conditions in the Karviná Region,” said Radim Tabášek, Chief Reclamation and IT Officer of OKD…