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Wednesday's fatal accident on a work site of the 9. May Darkov Mine


OSTRAVA (30 June 2010) – Today at 12:20, due to as yet unascertained causes, there was a rupture in a hanging wall of a working face at the 9. May Darkov Mine in Stonava in the Karviná area…

Investments in OKD result in prospects for at least 20 years


OSTRAVA (29 June 2010) – The extensive investments made by OKD, the mining company, over the last two years have completely changed the working environment underground and the company’s outlook for the future. The company has invested almost nine billion Czech crowns in new mining equipment and more than half a billion Czech crowns in personal protective equipment and gas detectors for miners. Whereas some time ago a gradual contraction of mining activity was predicted by some observers, OKD’s new state-of-the-art equipment has enabled the company to access new coal reserves that provide prospects for at least 20 years…

Accident on the premises of ČSM Mine


On 21 June 2010, an employee of Moravské montáže, who was participating in the refurbishment of the ČSM Mine washing plant, was fatally injured on the premises of ČSM North mining plant…

OKD: In the mirrors, miners can see who is responsible for their safety


OSTRAVA (14 June 2010) – In its mines, OKD, the hard coal mining company, has installed mirrors with a non-traditional sign saying: “This man is responsible for your safety”. Before any shift starts, each miner’s attention is thus drawn to the fact that safety at work underground particularly depends on him. The new mirrors are a part of an extensive campaign aimed at supporting the trend to reduce the number of work injuries…

Ostrava 2015 initiative to gain from joint development plan of Mining Museum and Lower Vítkovice District


OSTRAVA (3 June 2010) – Leading companies of Ostrava have struck an agreement over a joint approach in improving the care provided to the most prominent industrial landmarks of the Northern Moravian city, namely the Lower Vítkovice District and the OKD Mining Museum. Both sites will be managed by the company VÍTKOVICE HOLDING, a part of the engineering group VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP, which has previously assumed the care of the Lower Vítkovice District, and which will start managing the Mining Museum from 1 June 2010. The mining company OKD, which previously managed the Museum, will continue contributing to the activities of the institution…