In training its employees OKD cooperates with the Faculty of Mining and Geology– Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB – TU) and other educational institutions. Professional courses and training including periodic training in work safety are carried out by external educational institutions (e.g. ICV Havířov) or in internal training centres.


VŠB - TU Ostrava

vsb_logo.jpgTraditionally, the Faculty of Mining and Geology – Technical University of Ostrava educates experts in mining any many OKD executives are its graduates. At the same time, the university deals with scientific tasks related to OKD activities.


VŠB - TU of Ostrava supports employees’ requalification in the framework of combined and retraining study programmes. It also educates scholarship holders in mining subjects in regular study programmes. This consists of studies for master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the selected fields:

  • Mining engineering
  • Mine surveying
  • Washing
  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Raw material management
  • Fire protection and work safety
More information at en.vsb.cz.


SPŠ Karviná

The Secondary industrial school in Karviná provides supplementary mining education for high-school graduates who are interested in working as tech support in the mine. The shortened two-year study (Mining and mining geology – underground deposit mining) is completed with final examinations dealing with mining topics.