Our region


OKD is the largest employer in the region and one of the largest private employer in the Czech Republic. In 2013, the average headcount of OKD employees equalled 12,369. Therewith, the company employed more than 3,200 contractors on average. The average wage at OKD amounts to CZK 35,735 and exceeds by more than a half the average wage in the region.

The average wage of underground hourly workers exceeded CZK 35,100.


Relationships between the company and the employees are clearly defined in the Collective Agreement concluded for the period 2014-2018 following collective bargaining with trade unions. Despite defending the interests of different groups, the relations between the employer and trade unions are constructive and fair. At the end of every year, the issue of wage development for the upcoming period is discussed considering both the macroeconomic situation and the current financial position of the company.
The Collective Agreement also describes discretionary benefits that the company committed itself to provide to its employees.


Wages and salaries at OKD are either based on pay grades or, in case of selected job positions, negotiated individually. The level of wages is defined by key factors such as the employee’s performance and results achieved by the employee and the company as a whole.


Besides wages, the company provides its employees with a whole range of benefits. The most important include a contribution to:


  • Pension scheme
  • Meal allowance
  • Vacation
  • Christmas
  • Commuting to job
  • Cultural, social and sports activities
  • Health fitness stays
  • Recreation for children of employees