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The concert of Permoník Choir finished the successful Orlová Fair

The concert of Permoník Choir finished the successful Orlová Fair Everything started with the song from Silesia, and then followed by further songs from Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Karviná Permoník Choir, which is boasting by many world accomplishments, appeared in the evening on June 16, in Orlová evangelical church with a title "With Permoník around the World".
Choir has been established in 1966 by the current conductor Eva Šeinerová and belongs to one of the most important choirs not only in the Czech Republic. So no wonder, that the audience was so enthusiastic about this performance. Acknowledgement in the form of a standing ovation for the extraordinary cultural experience included not only the performers but also the organizer - Foundation Fund Friends of cultural monuments of the SCEAV Church in Orlová. "Without the contribution of Orlová town, companies OKD, AWT Rekultivace, Ramona real, THK Čechpol Polcarbo and others would be difficult to prepare such as successful event," said the head of Fund Jiří Bobrek. "We will add the yield from voluntary admission to the concert to the fund for necessary repairs of our church." he added.
Note that OKD supports not only Permoník choir, but also contributes to the repair of the Silesian Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession.
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