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St. Barbara Civic Association

SSB_logo.jpegThe Svatá Barbora (St. Barbara) Association helps children whose parent died due to an occupational accident, mostly in mining. The association has currently in its records approximately 81 children who receive contributions for their studies, leisure activities and health care.


The idea to establish a St. Barbara association was driven by the effort that children whose fathers had died should not be financially discriminated. It is not easy to live in a family that lost its breadwinner. The association takes its best care so that insufficient funds do not prevent orphaned children from pursuing further studies, developing their talents or doing any leisure activity.


More information to be found at www.svatabarbora.cz.


Learning and education are the priority. The association covers especially the following:

  • School fees
  • School aids
  • Kindergarten fees
  • Leisure and sports clubs
  • Open-air schools
  • Skiing courses


In terms of health care, the association contributes to e.g.:

  • Medical aids
  • Therapeutic stays

Basic information

  • The name of the association is derived from the name of the miners’ patron saint – St. Barbara.
  • The association’s logo resulted from a children’s art competition in which 195 designs were registered in total.
  • The association is based in the OKD building at Prokešovo square 6/2020 in Moravská Ostrava


The association’s committee consists of:


Monika Němcová - Chairman

Milena Malinská – Vice-Chairwoman

Stanislav Chobot

Marta Szamaránská

Radka Naňáková

Alice Blanářová

Iveta Bőhmová

Ing. Vladislav Gadula

Secretary: Ing. Adriana Furendová

Accountant: Bc. Milena Bachratá


The association’s members are companies belonging to the OKD Group, OKD contractors as well as other legal entities and private individuals. The association is voluntary and any legal entity or an individual can become its member at any time.


Financial resources are obtained from member fees; donations from different companies and individuals form an important part of the association’s funds. Further funds are collected during different events organized by the association.


Account number: 1657156389/0800 Česká spořitelna, a. s., Ostrava branch


St. Barbara events

The Saint Barbara Civic Association tries to collect financial funds also by organizing interesting events involving wider public.


Children's events

The association also organizes family meetings where mothers and children can get to know each other better, give each other advice and share their experience. Finding new friends is important too.


It is not important to think about helping;

it is important to help!