Safety of our miners is our first priority


OKD management focuses on the upgrade of mining and personal protective equipment


Not only more than CZK 11 billion invested between 2008 and 2010 under the POP 2010 and later under the subsequent PERSPective 2015 programmes in state-of-the-art coal mining and development equipment but also more than half a billion spent on the new personal protective equipment for miners. This is a decision of OKD confirming its position among well-managed, prosperous and most modern companies in Europe.

SAFETY 2010, a safety initiative launched in 2008 in order to enhance safety underground, provided besides others an upgrade of personal protective equipment. New protective equipment and aids including miners’ wear are using state-of-the-art technologies; they are more comfortable and easier to control.

The new wear for miners, for example, is composed of green cotton T-shirts with a large reflective stripe and an OKD logo and comfortable overalls also with reflective stripes. This set is completed with comfortable and resistant Goretex boots, new hard hats, protective goggles, more powerful but smaller and lighter cap lamps, and also state-of-the-art self-rescuers.


In the scope of safety enhancement, hard hats are provided in different colours representing different work position.

OKD has also spent further funds to build air-conditioning installations, highly efficient dedusting systems and employee training schemes. The main point of all these measures is to enhance safety and to improve the working conditions at the mines.