Personal Protection Aids

New personal protective equipment at OKD


Under SAFETY 2010, a programme implemented from 2008 to 2010, all our underground employees are equipped with state-of-the-art personal protective equipment that we have invested more than CZK 700 million in. We are convinced that it pays many times over in higher safety and health protection:

1. Personal lamp T 1005.1 

Personal lamp T 1005.1

Compared to the old cap lamps used until now, the new T 1005.1 cap lamps have many advantages. The new lamp is approximately 70% smaller (12 x 2 x 10 cm) and its weight has also been significantly reduced – by an entire kilogram. Thanks to its dry NiMh battery, the cap lamp T 1005.1 weighs only 0.8 kg. The lamp is equipped with a LED diode with light intensity of 2,500 lux, i.e. more than the older lamp provided. This light intensity is also guaranteed in the 10th hour of use. The lamp head is equipped with a passive aerial. The dry monocell is connected to the lamp head via a reflective cable - an employee is more visible in the light from his colleagues’ cap lamps. By the end of 2010, a total of 15,613 new cap lamps were provided to OKD’s business units. That means all our employees have already been equipped with a new cap lamp. New cap lamps require new charging stands that have already been provided.


Dráger X-am 5000

2. Dräger X-am 5000 indicating and detecting instrument

The indicator and detector measures and checks the presence of life threatening gases at development sections (CO, CO2, CH4, NOx) and LW sections (CO, CO2, CH4). In comparison with the instruments used so far, the Dräger X-am 5000 detector is significantly smaller and lighter, size-wise close a cell phone. Besides its weight and volume, it also continuously measures, records and memorizes the concentration of dangerous gases; it is also equipped with visual and sound alarms. All these features improve the quality of checks and safety of miners underground.

3. Self-rescuers   



Breathing masks or self-rescuers for underground workers have also been replaced. The obsolete Ukrainian ŠSS 1/PV models were replaced completely with German Dräger OXY K 50 S devices. Since 2010, OKD mines have 15,000 self-rescuers available which means that they are provided to contractors too. Besides its manufacturing number, a commissioning date must be marked on the mask. Dräger OXY


K 50 S devices have a lifetime of 10 years which is three years more than the existing masks. The new self-rescuers do not differ from the old ones in weight but they are different shape. Also, their centre of gravity was shifted; they have a humidity indicator and better strappings including a chest strap. Every employee can check whether his self-rescuer is tight enough. The case is filled with violet pellets that change colour to a lighter one in case of any leakage.Yellow safety goggles useful in smoke-filled environment are also included.


OXY K 50 S - Technical specification:

  • A oxygen-based self-rescuer;
  • Independent of the outside air with a closed alternating breathing system;
  • To be used in emergency situations to escape from dangerous areas;
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 210 x 260x105 mm;
  • Weight approximately 3 kg (unopened), or 2.4 kg (when used);
  • Minimum breathing bag capacity 6 litres;
  • Protection period 50 minutes;
  • Inhaled air temperature - 55 °C max.

4. New footwear

New working footwearBy the end of September 2009, under the SAFETY 2010 programme, 12,516 pairs of new, solid, high-quality work boots worth more than CZK 18 million were purchased. Solid and comfortable boots play an important role when improving safety and health at underground work sections. Work injuries are very frequently caused by employees slipping. Several types of different footwear were tested. Eventually, three were selected: Baťa Malenka S3 footwear, Baťa Jano S3, and Kanada Baak S3. From 2008 to 2010, a total of more than 45,000 were purchased for all OKD miners

5. Mine clothes with reflective stripes


New workwear for underground hourly and salary workers is equipped with reflective silver and yellow stripes – GP 105. They are made of twill, 100 % cotton, 300 g/m3. Other changes compared to the previously used clothes: location and size of pockets; trouser leg length and width; longer fixing laces. All miners’ overalls were replaced for the new type of minewear with reflective stripes by the end of 2010.

6. T-shirts and Shirts


Our employees at the mines are equipped with the cotton T-shirts and shirts with reflective stripes and an OKD logo. Reflective stripes make the miners easier visible; in the past there was no choice of T-shirt or shirt offered at all, nowadays all employees can pick either a T-shirt or a shirt according to their preferences. Some 180,000 T-shirts and shirts have been purchased before the end of 2010.


7. Protective helmets with visors


OKD has been supplied with protective hard hats with eye shield from England – HC 600/4 – and from Poland – Unierg Bieruň. More than 18,500 pieces have been purchased under SAFETY 2010 programme.