Safety and health protection policy

Safety first!


OKD’s policy in the field of safety and health protection


Neither tonnes of coal extracted nor financial results can compare to the value of health and human life. We are aware of all the risks related to the demanding work under the ground where every little thing and seemingly unimportant detail matter. At OKD, employee safety and health come first.


Since 2007, there is a positive development of the monitored key safety and injury incidence indicators at OKD (including contractors). The number of reportable injuries drops down significantly.


The prevailing causes of occupational injuries feature misestimated or underestimated risks, violation of work discipline by the person involved, unpredictable work risk or human factor failure.


At the same time, the company developed and implemented the “Safety 2010” programme. Among others, it includes regular monthly meetings prepared jointly with trade unions and attended also by Senior Managers.


Working conditions have improved significantly; especially with the on-going deployment of new world-class equipment sets at underground sections and with the implementation of new modern protective workwear, meters and detectors.


In order to enhance employee training, a new state-of-the-art OKD Central Training Centre was opened within the premises of Darkov Mine under the “Safety 2010” programme serving all the mines in the Karviná Region as well as OKD contractors.


Since 2008, a so-called vitaminization programme was implemented for selected underground professions resulting in a lower absenteeism due to sickness leaves. At ČSM Mine, the construction of a surface central air-conditioning unit was completed improving microclimatic conditions at underground sections.


In the field of work and operational safety, each mining business unit (VOJ) sets its specific objectives in order to reduce their injury incidence rates and the number of extraordinary events. For example, regular daily ten-minute trainings were introduced before every shift for all employees; safety-related “slogans of the week” are announced; “safe work section” contests are held and other activities enhancing the interest of all employees to meet the targets. We believe that any activity in the field of occupational safety is beneficial for the company.


Awareness and prevention are important

Hence, we need to focus even more consistently on the awareness of our employees at all OKD work sections as regards the development and principles of occupational safety at all mining sites and the entire company.


Open communication based on a verified supply of the required information regarding occupational safety and health protection  as well as the awareness of the causes of serious accidents are important. Together, we must ensure a higher level of awareness of the principles of health protection as well as of safety and accident prevention of every individual. This means that everybody must work safely in his or her work section.

We believe that this way we can reduce the lost-time and no-lost-time work-related injuries and extraordinary events, and that microclimatic conditions in the mines will improve.