The Environment

The Environment


Coal mining and the related environmental changes have to be considered in every coal mining district. Since the early 18th century, the mining business has quite dramatically been changing the landscape, the demography, social conditions and the complete quality of the environment in the region.  Although the impacts of such changes may only be estimated, they still illustrate well what a dramatic impact mining activities had.


Mining companies were not considering the impacts of their activities on the Ostrava and Karviná nature at all or just at the minimum extent until the second half of the last century. 

OKD as a mining company is aware of its responsibility for living conditions in the region, we provide special attention and try to minimize the impact we have on the environment.


It is no longer true that any landscape in the vicinity of a mine is black, dust-covered and destroyed. The surrounding coal deposits in the Ostrava and Karvina region show the impacts of mining activities; however the landscape was completely unrecognizable a couple years ago. OKD provided considerable funds for reclamation and rehabilitation of the landscape, that was impacted by coal mining.


In the Czech part of the Upper-Silesian Coal District (Karviná and Frýdek-Místek region), high-quality hard coal is mined exclusively by deep mining. Coal production represents a burden to the local landscape and the environment in several ways:

  • Subsidence impacts
  • Waste rock (waste dumps)
  • Floatation waste settling tanks
  • Mine waters released to water streams
  • Solid pollutants


The existence of rich hard coal and methane reserves in the Beskydy region still remains a sensitive environmental issue.