The Environment

Mine waters

Důlni vodyIn terms of safety of mining operations it is necessary to pump mine water, which is all water present in the mining area. Consequently, this water is discharged in a controlled manner subject to permissions granted into drainage channels in such limits so that life in these brooks and rivers and their functions are not endangered. For safety reasons, water is pumped out not only from operating mines but also from mines where operation has been suppressed, with a view to secure stable level of mine waters which will not jeopardize mining activities in the operating area.

However, mine waters do not present merely a malignant environmental factor. They are permanently utilized for curative purposes in the Darkov and Klimkovice spas. In the past the so-called curative Darkov salt was made from them.

Utilization of this salty and relatively warm water as a heat source or, alternatively, for recreational purposes, is a matter of near future.