The Environment


OKD is fully aware of the fact that mining activities damage the surrounding landscape and therefore it is one of the company’s long-term objectives to restore the landscape affected by coal mining so that the consequences of mining activities are smoothed away and the landscape can serve other than mining purposes again. Via its land reclamation and rehabilitation projects, the company is returning the landscape back to nature and to people.

A mining landscape is modelled in particular by surface subsidence, refuse dumps and sludge lagoons. Sometimes, these areas return back to nature spontaneously creating a biologically valuable landscape. However, most of coal mining activities in the Karviná region - coal mining in the Ostrava region was idled already - cannot be done without a rational and systemic attitude towards land rehabilitation of the area affected by mining.

Rehabilitation and reclamation projects represent significant and funds-consuming intervention into the landscape. They cover subsidence basins, liquidation of old sludge lagoons or refuse dump adjustments. Their scope is very diverse and can be summarized in two subsequent steps.


  • Technical reclamation – landscape shaping, water stream restoration, utility network relocation etc.
  • Biological reclamation – greenery (tree planting, grass sowing...), creating conditions suitable for animals and plants


Lands can be reclaimed for a variety of cultures according to the requirements of the administration bodies and following to agreements with local municipalities. Rehabilitation and reclamation projects are carried out in line with valid Zoning Plans and based on requests from the authorities.

Technical reclamation includes landscape shaping, restoration of water streams and relocation of utility lines. These are followed by biological reclamation, i.e. landscape re-vegetation. In the period from 1991 to 2013, reclamation cost amounted to CZK 3.217 billion equalling ca. 30% of total cost spent on the rehabilitation of the consequences of mining activities in this period totalling CZK 10.534 billion.


Reclamation Brochure

Reclamation Brochure [PDF]