History of reclamation

The first attempts at turning refuse dumps greener were done spontaneously by miners from nearby miners’ colonies.

With the view of restoring the landscape to its original state, a programme of extensive rehabilitation and reclamation of areas in the Ostrava-Karviná district was elaborated in 1954. In the framework of the programme, two reclamation units were established with the then state-owned company OKR - Báňské stavby Ostrava that – in response to increasing requirements on reclamation and rehabilitation - later formed the core of an independent state-owned company - OKR - REKULTIVACE.

During the restructuring changes following the Velvet Revolution, it has become a branch unit of OKD and transformed into a joint-stock company in 1991 while OKD kept its majority share. Reclamation projects are currently outsourced to third-party entities.


Reclamation Brochure

Reclamation Brochure [PDF]