Reclamations today

Since the mid-1990s until now, many important reclamation projects have been carried out. For example, in 2013, different reclamation projects covered an area of 746 ha. Financial requirements on reclamation processes represent for OKD 30% of its total cost spent on the rehabilitation of consequences of mining activities in the long term.


As the government has also taken part in reclamation funding, the pace of the reclamation projects in the Karviná part of the district increased considerably consuming CZK 10.5 billion since 1991. Since mining was terminated in the Ostrava area, the landscape is no longer being damaged and rehabilitation of the consequences is currently not so intense as in the Karviná area.


In 2013, 48 reclamation projects were in progress (18 projects in technical reclamation and 30 projects in biological reclamation), of which 9 were paid for from the government budget via the Czech Ministry of Finance and the others were covered from OKD’s internal funds.


Reclamation Brochure

Reclamation Brochure [PDF]