Surface phenomena in the course of exploitation

Construction permission in the mining vicinity

The vicinity of coal deposits is subject to mining law, which defines several zones. These zones are laid down for the purpose of protection of the area with the deposit. The deposit protection takes priority over any intervention on the surface which might endanger the exploitation. The only exception to this rule are public works. The conditions and the process of obtaining permission for construction in different zones is determined by the law, they are not determined by OKD.

In case someone wants to build in the deposit protection zone (examples of such territories are the sites Dembovec and Zálesí near Dětmarovice), he or she, apart from dealing with the usual administration related to building construction, must obtain permission of the IMGE internal organizational unit, which assesses the contingent impact of the construction on the deposit and makes suggestions in terms of how the building should be secured against mining effects in case it could jeopardize safety.