About us

About us

OKD is the only producer of hard coal (bituminous coal) in the Czech Republic. Its coal is mined in the southern part of the Upper-Silesian Coal Basin – in the Ostrava-Karviná coal district. OKD prospects, mines, processes, refines and sells hard coal with low content of sulphur or other matters. Such coal can be used as fuel; it can also be used for coke production, in chemical industry and many other sectors.


Basic information

Active: Důl Darkov, Důl ČSM-Sever, Důl ČSM-Jih, Důl ČSA
Preservation mode: Důl Frenštát
Annual production: 4 Mt

Coal is often associated with an obsolete economy trend focusing on heavy industry, outdated operations generating negative environmental burden. In fact, the demand for high-quality coal that can be used in steel plants and other industries is growing. As oil and natural gas reserves are getting depleted, the role of coal in the global economy will become more and more important.

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